Event Planning: Menus, Tastings and More

Event Planning: Menus, Tastings and More

With any event that includes a meal, the quality and type of food can make or break the event. Depending on the type and size of your event, planning for might be daunting, especially when presented with a wide scope and variety of menus from your selected venue. To add to this complexity, dietary restrictions are common and should be expected within any larger group. When several of your guests have different dietary restrictions, this may further complicate the selections of your meals and menu.

Once you have narrowed down the venues you are interested in, review the menus that you are interested in and discuss these with the property’s event coordinator or manager. While the budget is always important, there are often other factors to consider. For example, be sure to check the menu to see what alternatives there may be for vegetarians, for people with allergies or for those who have religious dietary restrictions. It’s also a good idea to ensure that you ask for this information during registration so that it can be provided in advance.

 Ask if there is the option to have a tasting of some of the dishes or items that you are considering. Often times there might be events already scheduled prior to yours that are already be serving these items and the venue may be able to arrange for a sampling of these items for you to taste. Some venues will also arrange a private tasting of selected items for certain types of occasions such as a complex wedding or large social event.

If a tasting cannot be arranged, keep in mind that you do have some other options. Often times one can also get a sense of the kitchen’s culinary prowess by coming in for a meal during lunch or dinner or both (be sure to check their menu & Chef’s specials before coming in.)


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