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Choosing the Best Body Kits for Your Porsche 944

After purchasing your Porsche 944, getting it in tip-top condition with the best body kits is the next thing to consider. Improving its aerodynamics and appearance in order to bump nicely on those A -class roads, by choosing the right body kit is important. Mounting flares on rear wheels, re-welding the bolt line, and increasing the fender arch of your Porsche are some of the things you might consider to make it outstanding. One thing you need to understand before choosing the best body kit for your Porsche 944 is its distinction from other Porsche models. For instance, body kits that would fit a Porsche Cayenne or a Porsche Panamera may not be the best fit for a Porsche 944. Neither would a Porsche 911 MFI body kit be used on a 944. For many Porsche 944 owners, choosing the right body kit is hectic. However, to make it easier for you, here are important things you need to consider.

To start with, consider the year of make. The earliest make of Porsche 944 was in 1983 whereas the latest make is 1991. Each of these makes is different from the other in terms of size and width. A body kit used on a 1991 Porsche may not best fit a 1986 turbo S coupe. For that case, when visiting an auto body shop for your Porsche, it’s best to understand that each kit best fits a certain make. You then understand your Porsche’s year of make before selecting the best body kit to purchase.

Search for various body kits online. Your local auto body dealer may have limited types of Porsche body kits. Considering that Porsche is a luxury car and may not be so common, especially the 944, then local dealers may not have different versions and types of body kits you might be looking for. Online stores tend to have body kits for all car models and makes. Therefore, search through a reliable site or online auto body store, see what they have for a Porsche 944 and make your decision. Once you have decided on the best kit to buy, ask if they have deliveries or if they can help in pimping it.

Consider the kit type. Body kits for Porsche 944 come in different types and sizes. This depends on the size of the vehicle. Even though all Porsche 944s are wide-body vehicles, there are body kits that could be wider than others. This means that they will fit in a wider 944. Additionally, the type of body kit you are choosing matters. Normally, body kits have an influence on a car’s performance. Some body kits may redirect wind to a certain direction when at high speeds which could then affect the performance of your car. Since many wide-body kits are based on improving the performance, it is best you research the best body kit that will not adversely affect it. You can as well consider researching the effects of body kits on performance before you decide on the one to buy.

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